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After 4 years of hard work, UsedCarHub.com has arrived online becoming the first car inventory advertising website for “automotive salespeople” and “used car dealers!!”

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With the arrival of UsedCarHub.com, ALL Car salespeople and ALL Pre-Owned Dealers are able to advertise their complete inventory online and also on Facebook Marketplace under UsedCarHub.com. Thanks to UsedCarHub.com, now you have a reliable online platform that will allow, car salespeople and car dealers alike, to help in growing sales as never before!

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UsedCarHub.com offers car dealers and salespeople a new inexpensive way to promote and advertise their COMPLETE Pre-Owned inventory… for about $1 a day. Since car sales is a game of statistics, the inevitable result is closing more sales in less time.

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Bringing this kind of service to automotive salespeople and pre-owned car dealers at an affordable price is nothing short of revolutionary. And that’s exactly our vision at UsedCarHub.com...for about a $1 a day. We look forward to changing the car sales business for good.

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UsedCarHub.com was designed by Marty Rushing that has over 25 years of experience in the car business. Since UsedCarHub.com was created for automotive salespeople and car dealers, our commitment is to constantly evolve and deliver the best tools to our users. We understand by experience how hard car sales might be. We will be using Used Car Hub Facebook as our Headquarters. Because of that, UsedCarHub.com's vision goes beyond being a "used car listing site", our goal is helping car salespeople and used car dealers not only to meet but to surpass their quotas.

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UsedCarHub.com service model was conceived with a unique approach. We understand that nowadays we live in the era of social media, where buyers' involvement is crucial. That's why, besides being the most affordable option for advertising your car inventory, UsedCarHub.com encompasses much more than car listing, we are a true community.

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At UsedCarHub.com we envision a highly engaged Facebook Community presence with quality information along with contests, giveaways, promotions, and even FREE Cars! By building a healthy relationship with your clients you will undoubtedly stay ahead over the competition.

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At UsedCarHub.com our motivation is helping you, the car dealer and their salespeople, to achieve your sales goals by offering superior service at an unparalleled value... Literally. We are serious when we say that UsedCarHub.com is here to compete with big companies, such as CarGurus and AutoTrader, proof of that is our never seen introductory value of only $33/month for the first 3 months... that's about $1 per day to advertise your COMPLETE INVENTORY!

UsedCarHub.com is here to bring you the opportunity to stand out from others by becoming the best Used Car Dealer and Sales People that you can be.

What are you waiting for? Join us on Facebook and participate in our incredible promotions, contests, and giveaways… including free cars and much more!

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Subscribe now as a dealer or salesperson by clicking the Subscribe button at the top right corner of UsedCarHub.com and take advantage of the GRAND OPENING Introductory Rate of only $33 a month for the first 3 months to list your entire used car inventory….for about a $1 a day. After you have paid the subscription a customer representative will contact you with instructions on how to sign up and how to input your inventory.

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